Are you starting to see some grey hair you'd like to blend in?

Or you might just love to have beautiful, dimensional, natural looking color! You might also need a great hair cut to work with your hair instead of fighting it! I love to help people find a beautiful solution to their hair problems! 

Hi! I’m Amber and I’m a “fixer”. I’ve always loved to solve problems and becoming a hair stylist has allowed me to help people solve their hair problems. I am not the typical “artist” type of a hair stylist. I’m a great listener and love to dig deep to learn what you love about your hair and what your struggles are. Then we work together to help you love the way you look without having to spend more time than necessary (or willing) to get there! I am very detail oriented and love to create a look that will work with the natural tendencies of your hair. I am here for you! We’ll find your hair solutions and figure out how to keep it maintained so all your hair goals are met. I love to help with color, cuts and at home styling so you can get the look you want in every day life!
Once we come up with a plan for your hair we’ll give it a try and re-analyze as we go to be sure we’re always on the right track with your needs. Every head of hair is different and I love to hear feedback on how I did with yours- improvement comes when you know what needs to change! I love to have an ever-evolving, comfortable relationship with my clients so they feel comfortable telling me what worked and didn’t work. I track everything we do so we have a starting place for next time.
I am a very driven individual- most people think I’m pretty young to have accomplished what I have so far but I just love to DO what most people PLAN to do forever. Planning will only get you so far- at some point you have to take a leap and just go for it! I live by this and know that if something isn’t working 100% all you have to do is analyze it and change it! I love watching my children learn and grow and love to spend time with my dogs and the rest of my family! Flagstaff is my home town and I will probably be here forever! If you’re looking for a stylist who will be around forever, I’m your girl!
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