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Welcome, I'm so excited to meet you!

​When you come in for your appointment we will have a thorough consultation so I know exactly what your needs and goals for your hair are. We will create a plan together so we can get you there while keeping your hair in tip top shape too! For every service we’ll choose the best techniques to fit your goals for appearance and make sure you’re comfortable with maintaining your look! I always keep a record of what we do so we have a great place to start next time whether you’re making changes often or keeping it the same!


​I am proud to offer a "Tester Station" where you can try any of our products you'd like so you know exactly how they feel and what you LOVE!

All services include a blow-dry style with styling tips and tricks- I love to help you feel confident in recreating your look at home! If you'd like more styling (like curls or flat iron) please be sure to add extra styling time when booking your appointment.


We will wrap up your appointment with a few recommendations for at-home care and styling and set up your next visit.

How do I book?

Call (928)226-7000 OR book online!


What do I book for?

Head HERE to take a quick quiz to find out what to book for!

Now, just click "Book an appointment"

below so I can meet you!

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