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 I enjoy making my clients happy... when your hands look good you feel better about yourself, that's what has made me enjoy my career for 25 years.

What attracted you to this industry?
I have played with my own nails since I was a little girl, so becoming a nail tech was perfect for me.
What’s your favorite service to provide?
Gel manicures
Where are you from?
Flagstaff, AZ
What’s a fun fact about yourself?
When I was a little girl I used tape to make my nails longer, scissors to shape them, I then painted them red. Doing nails is a passion of mine even after 23 years as a licensed professional!
Full Set Acrylic/Hard Gel/PolyGel $65+
Fill Acrylic/Hard Gel w/gel polish $35+
Fill w/reg nail polish $30+
Gel polish $30+
Manicure $20+
Pedicure $45+
Gel polish Pedicure $55+
Gel Polish on toes (no pedicure) $25+
Polish change on fingers (reg nail polish, no mani) $15
Polish change on toes (reg polish, no pedi) $20
Repairs $4 ea
Nail Art $5+ 
Product removal $35
Unique Salon
2029 N 4th Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
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