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March 28th Big News Letter

Updated March 30th, 2023

Since I sent out the email sharing the "Big News"

(click here to read it)

I have an appointment scheduled, what do I do?

Come on in! If anything changes that will affect your upcoming appointment we'll be sure to let you know ahead of time! Otherwise we'll see you as planned! Taylor, Bella, Jade and I are currently here and available to pamper you!

I've been to Unique Salon before and would love to continue seeing the stylist, is that possible?

YES! We would love that! Click here to see the stylist's information so you can schedule any future appointments directly with them, just in case they're not reachable through the salon any longer!

I'm interested in purchasing the building and/or business - what do I do?

It will officially be listed as of 8am on April 3rd. We have had a good bit of interest already and I'm excited to see this space become a part of someone else's dream! Our realtor is Rick Lopez, please call him with questions about the property or to make an offer! (928)600-1949

How are you (Amber), REALLY? And what's next for you?

I'm actually doing great, REALLY! I've thought about this decision a lot and made sure it's truly what I want and what's best for me and my family! When I opened Unique Salon almost 9 years ago, I never thought that letting it go would be the way that it would best serve me but now I know and am truly at peace with my decision! I'm so excited to be able to focus more on the kids and just have more freedom overall. I can't wait to stop feeling like I'm tending to business and family both half way (I'm an all-in kind of girl) and want to have the freedom to have a better balance! I'm excited and so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and to have the experiences that have allowed me to hone in on what I really want to focus on now.

I will be working a couple days per week behind the chair, I LOVE creating a long-term relationship with my guests and spoiling them while they're in my chair - honing in on what they really want and creating the low-maintenance beYOUtiful cut and color that's best for them! If you're wanting to continue, or start seeing me - please call the salon to schedule! I'm not sure where I'll be working (maybe here, maybe a suite, maybe a mobile salon...lots of options!) but I'll keep you updated on that too!  I will also be coaching people in the salon industry to grow their business and make choices that allow their business to support them in exceeding their dreams!

A Letter from Amber, the owner of Unique Salon
Emailed to our guest list on March 28th

I have some big news to share and know that everyone will process this differently and have differing feelings about it - wherever you land is ok and understandable AND first and foremost I want you to know that I’m here to support you through this process, whatever that means for each of you individually.


My Big News:

I am sitting here in tears (happy, grateful tears) writing this as I think back on all the support I've been given over the past 8 years owning Unique Salon. I might seem untouched by things sometimes but feel like I need to share how impacted I am by even the simplest comments or gestures, I never imagined I would be so lucky, thank YOU for your support!

I have come to the decision to sell the building that is home to Unique Salon and sell the Unique Salon business. This could unfold in many ways and it may take months or longer - so for the immediate future, nothing much changes and we’d love to continue to serve you! As things unfold I’ll be sure to keep you updated.


What This Means For You:

My intention in telling you all of this information now before it is sold is to be as transparent as possible! I’ve always believed that it’s better to share your own news vs. having it shared for you! If you have appointments scheduled with us or want to schedule anything in the future, please know it’s business as usual and if/when the time comes we’ll be sure you’re aware of any changes that impact your appointments.



Life as a salon owner has been filled with many experiences, all learning lessons that have shaped me into the person I am today, and I appreciate everything I’ve been able to take in. I have been struggling with balancing a very demanding career with my very high expectations of myself as a mother, wife, family member, friend, and individual. I would like to focus on my family, especially while my kids are young, and my health at this stage of my life and have decided I no longer want to be the owner of a commercial property or the owner of a business of this size. I have been honing in on what I truly love about my job and what I want to leave behind. I plan to continue working part-time behind the chair and part-time to help people in this industry find the best path to growing their careers in a way that truly exceeds their wildest dreams. 


Now What?

Until the building or business is sold, we are OPEN! I have been struck so many times by the kindness and generosity from our guests and it’s one of the things that truly lights me up and makes the hard days worth it! Serving YOU - seeing your joy during your visit is what I’m going to carry on because it is the reason we’ve found the success in this community that we have. We have nearly 200 5-star reviews, on Google alone, and I believe those all come from the level of heart we incorporate here. 


We will be listing the property on April 3rd. I will keep everyone updated on the selling of the business and property. If you or anyone you know might be interested in purchasing this beYOUtiful space and/or business, please send them my way! 


Thank you SO much for your continued support on this next spurt of the Unique Salon journey!


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